Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Playing music on phone, and at the next song no sound?

well, this could happen because of.... your phone is still connected through USB. well it happened to mine, so i wanted to post it just in case.

my phone was connected to the usb cable, for transferring files at that time. so what happened was, suddenly, i noticed the next track seems quiet. so i checked my phone, well its playing... hmm.. then i adjusted the volume up and down, and it started coming out with the sound. then i thought hmm.... then the next song, it happened again, it went quiet. and so i adjusted the volume again, and again, the sound came back. so then i pulled out the usb cable and tried again... and WALA, it played normally now...

i tested it again, by connecting the USB cable back to the phone, and the same problem occurs, so i guess its the USB cable causing the problem... so go figure ^_^

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