Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to install/uninstall sis/jar/jad files on 5800 or any Symbian phones

first, you will need Nokia PC Suite. then setup Pc Suite by installing it using default settings, and when asked to connect the phone, just connect it, and it will auto detect your phone and install he necessary drivers. after that, your phone model will work together with the PC Suite, which you can see through the main screen of PC Suite. All the indicators such as battery, sms, calender will be shown on the PC Suite. you can use PC Suite to SMS, call, backup and also restore your phone settings and files. just see the relevant icons on PC Suite and follow the instructions :P

Anyway..... to install a sis file, after your phone is detected, just double click on the sis file to install. it will ask you some questions, just accept them, and usually, it would be safe to just install the file into your memory card (e:\).


you can also drag and drop the sis file onto PC Suite, and it will ask you whether you would like to install it on your phone, just accept it and follow the instructions on the phone to install. you can also do the same for Jar or Jad files using this method or the method below.


copy the sis file into the e:\ memory card, and from there, go to Menu, Applications, File Manager and find the sis file in the memory card. then just double click on it, and install according to the above :P

To uninstall the programs that you installed, go to Menu, Settings, Application Manager, Installed Apps, and select the program to uninstall. then select Options, Uninstall, and select Yes to remove. thats it! sometimes you will need to restart your phone, thats OK.

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