Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update your Nokia 5800 firmware

Current version, 20.0.012, but v21 is coming out soon...

backup your phone first before attempting to update your firmware. follow here

download Nokia Software Updater, then run it. then you can also connect your phone at this time to your PC. then you will see the screen below. just press Next and it will then tell you to put your phone to General Profile, have fully charged battery, and again, backup your phone :P

then click on Next and it will search for your phone. If your phone is already updated, it wil ask you whether your wan't to reinstall, just cancel it..

but if your phone needs updating, it will tell you, then just click on the checkbox to agree to the "agreement thingy" and then Update to continue updating firmware (see pic below). it will take around 10-15mins, and it will restart by itself. The Nokia PC suite if installed will flash a few times, saying phone disconnected and phone connected, but thats normal. and it will also flash out something like Installing new drivers, etc, its also normal, so you can ignore that. after restarting the phone, your phone is updated! and for nokia 5800, all your phone data SHOULD be intact. but of course, i keep saying backup, just in case :P

Note: sometimes, it will ask you whether you want to update the Nokia Software Updater, just select Yes to continue and update it, it will take around 5-10mins for 25MB to download.

after downloading the new Software Updater, just go Next and Accept the license agreement.
then after that, just select Next to continue on, until you reach the screen where it tells you to Backup your phone. so follow the instructions here to backup your phone data as previously mentioned. and continue on to update your firmware ONLY after you backup your phone.

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