Monday, March 16, 2009

Lightsaber fight using your Nokia 5800

well, it uses your accelerometer to simulate the sound similar to the lightsaber sound in Star Wars. just swing it and move it around, and try the sound. LOL... after installing, run it, and click on Start or touch the screen to start the sound effects...

LightSaber Application

note: make sure when you install it, install it in your Phone Memory and NOT your memory card or it will not work at all!


  1. it doesnt not work for me? i even tried installing it on both phone memory and memory card. :S can you help me please?

  2. hi, what phone you install in? any error? did u try removing the application, and then installing only into phone memory?

  3. turn off your turning sensor

  4. my 5800 keeps getting a error saying it expired were can i get an up to date app

  5. i think it could be your certificate? got try to sign it?


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