Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sony Erricsson - White screen of death, Updating Sony Erricsson phone

what happened to my phone?!??!? when starting up/powering up, it just shows a white screen...

don't be afraid, theres an easy solution for it... firmware update. download MyPhone Explorer, and connect your phone. Install it as usual, and run MyPhone Explorer. then Save your contents of your phone to a directory to backup your contents. Then you can also download and install Sony Erricsson PC Suite and use this as the second backup solution. run it and Backup your contents to your PC by synching to your PC. When you need to restore, just use MyPhone Explorer to restore. why i listed down 2 methods to backup is because Sony Erricsson PC Suite doesn't backup ALL the contents, but MyPhone Explorer does. So PC Suite is a backup solution to the Backup Solution :P

anyway, download and install the updater service and run it (of course while your phone is connected). Make sure you backup first as mentioned above :P... after the backup, restart your phone, and you're done! your phone should be back to normal!

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