Sunday, March 1, 2009

Upgrade your phone camera! 5800 and other nokia phones

first, it requires your phone has access to Z:\ and to have access to your Z:\ and your system files. you can also access your private folder using this method :P

WARNING: This may screw up your phone if you "accidently" do things! so becareful!!! dun come asking me what to do after you screw up your phone :P

anyway, to reset your phone, follow here

you will need an OPDA cert, which you can get instructions from here to get it.

then you will also need to download x-plore and install it into your phone. after you install x-plore,
go to Menu, Tools, Configuration, and change the Show Hidden files, Show ROM drives and Show system files/folders to have a tick to enable it.

use this way to access your system and hidden folders in the easiest way can skip the part below...


then you will also need this. just download it for later use. extract it somewhere...

then for MapDrives file, sign it using the OPDA method described here

then connect your phone as mass storage, and copy the Hack directory into your e:\ memory card, e.g. e:\Hack\sys...

then install mapdrives, helloopda file into your phone memory. then run mapdrives from applications folder. then close it. you can uninstall this application if you like (by going to Settings, Application Manager, Installed Apps, and select the mapdrives. then go to Options, and Uninstall. then run hellopda from your applications folder and go to Options, Run updaterD.

now install updaterD file. after that, go to x-plore that you installed previously and see if you can see the Z:\private folder, if you can, then you have followed correctly the steps :P

THIS IS THE OLD WAY TO SEE SYSTEM FOLDER, please see here for new way

ok now for the camera part...
go to Z:\private from x-plore, then find Z:\private\10202BE9\10282EDC.txt file. after that, go to Menu, Mark, Selected. it will then select the file, then go to Menu, Edit, Copy. then navigate to C:\private\10202BE9\ (C drive OK!!!) then go to Menu, File, Select(OK). then it will copy the file there. then you will need to edit the file, so select the file, go to Menu, File, Edit. then scroll to the bottom and look for 0x3001A. after that, change the CompressionQuality=85 to CompressionQuality=100 and EstimatedSize=650000 to EstimatedSize=890000 just under the 0x3001A value. after doing that, go to Menu, Save.

and finally, exit x-plore and restart your phone (turn off and on), and thats it!!!


  1. dude i can see the private folder but i is empty like shit ! :D help smn me pls

  2. hehe did u use x-plore to open the folder? z:\? it should have something there

  3. hey ur phone is not hacked so u cant acess ur private folder

  4. in my nokia 5800 the compression quality is already 100 and Estimated size is 200000. might be becoz i installed encam.


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