Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Free Internet Security for you!

today were gonna talk about : Comodo Internet Security! Free antivirus, and firewall in one... not bad for a free software aye!

- protects your operating system (Windows XP)
- protects your registry
- protects against root-kits, trojans, viruses, keyloggers and other baddies

i have tried it myself, quite nice, stable. however, some people might experience setup problems the first time (e.g. hang when starting up), however once you get through it (by uninstalling and installing it back), it will have no problem.

well when i have it in my pc, i noticed it won't take too much resources, unlike some other antivirus standalone. it also managed to catch some of those nasty virus/trojan from websites, and managed to thwart some of those people who are trying to do something with your connection. best of all it works quite well for newbies by blocking automatically those unwanted connections and applications. if you want, just give it a try!

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