Monday, March 2, 2009

Latest Maps for Mapking G10 and G12

here there are! latest Sept 2008...
note: the following maps are not compatible with Mapking Symbian S60 and PND (WinCE) version

just extract and copy the files to e:\Storage\Program Files\MapAsia\MapKing or e:\My Documents (you can create this folder if not available)

G10, which you can also use with mapking 2007, just rename the file extension from *.G10 to *.m7a
- East Malaysia G10
- West Malaysia G10
- Singapore G10

- East Malaysia G12
- West Malaysia G12
- Singapore G12


  1. Hai, i just install the map king g10. and download the malaysia map on to my HTC HD. When try to use it. it pop up trial version or had to key in Seri number. What is the SN i had to key in ? thanks.;)

  2. please see my thread below..

  3. Myghimh, u mean that i just delete the map that already install than reinstall again to use it again after 2 day trial? is it no other way to use the map continues ?. or really had to pay for that ;( thanks.

  4. you need to delete the mapi321.dat file only... not the map.. u can leave the map as it is. find the file using the file manager, using x-plorer..

  5. Hi.. there... I try to use mapking v10 and come out an error "can't load the map" I've already copy lattest map G12 in the folder map. anybody can help me? many thxs...

  6. I did follow your thread and it works fine on my S60..but it will go back 3 day trial again and again...but its ok...cheers man


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