Sunday, March 1, 2009

Protecting and Hiding you files or folders!

you can use...

Best Crypto. works in 5800.
you can use it for the usual thing, password protect and encrypting your files such as videos, music and documents... just scroll through the file manager kinda look and select the file/files, and encrypt them using a password. simple as that..

Media Safe
also works in 5800, and has the same thing as above :P just try it out!

Advanced Phone Lock
also works in 5800 :P, this app can be used to lock any application, whether its sms, call list, garmin, etc!, first, it will ask your for a new password, set it up, then go to Applications Lock, see picture below, and then select yes when you see Lock Applications? and set the Applications to be Locked field. then go to Options, Save. thats it! just click on Exit, and it will stay in the background, and everytime you try to open the locked program, it will ask you for a password, enter it and pass!

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